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Meet the real life hippie guy

Our Founder, THE Hippie GUY, was born in the late 50’s on the south side of Chicago.  Youngest of 5, he had a seemingly normal upbringing.  He dabbled in sports, chased the ladies, and made sure that each weekend was nothing short of an amazing adventure.  Although he was too young to attend the infamous ’69 Woodstock, the cultural impact of the event would stay with him for decades.

One of these impactful messages was the idea of harmonious living.  He decided to break free from the suburbia mold and pursue his courageous dream of following his own path.  He jumped on a train and left behind a college football career, job prospects, and much more to find the missing piece inside him.  Where did this train take him – California shores. 

He selected a life of solitude to allow for ultimate self-reflection and connection to nature by settling in the mountain of Big Sur.  Although he had not much more than the clothes on his bank and some camping supplies, he eventually made this secluded, mountain nook a home.  He built a 12×12 cabin, developed trails throughout the surrounding area, and began his exploration into the world of weed beyond his high school introduction of puff, puff, pass.

It was during this time he became close with local growers who shared their knowledge and expertise on the many uses of the of plant beyond pop culture ideas.  Talk about nature made having a whole new meaning.  This time in California would shape his outlook and way of life forever.  It wasn’t just about the weed, it was the idea of harmonious living coming full circle.  The idea to be able to heal, look introspectively at one’s life, be one with nature, as well as kinship with those you encounter. may have only recently hit the web, but the ideology has been existence for decades.  It’s not a brand, it’s a lifestyle.  The use of weed often leads to the label of hippie and not always in the most flattering ways.  However, there are numerous versions of what a hippie is and it’s transformation over the years has boiled down to practicing humanity, accept all and love, and appreciate all that life has to offer.

Your outlook towards yourself and others takes a twist for the good. So enjoy being a Hippie produce love joy happiness everywhere you go.      

Smell every rose along the way but never break a petal…(Quism). Hippie Guy donates proceeds from our shop to non-profits and charities who focus on the new hippies – kids. #hippiekids

“ThanQ for looking at the site and the possibility of helping you transform yourself to a hippie again or for the 1st time it’s my pleasure..

All my love and energy goes your way”

Peace GQ

Hippie Ideals

Because Hippies are a little idealistic


We flourish when we work together in wonderful harmony.


Love freely without reservation.


Respect everyone's individuality and appreciate differences.


Be a positive creative force. Improve ourselves relentlessly. ​

Giving back

Hippie Guy is happy to give a portion of proceeds from each product to these amazing kids

click here to learn more and support pediatric lymphedema

Your donation allows us to assist children in their fight against lymphedema by providing necessary treatment, spreading awareness, and promoting education.